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Hunting Valley

Once a sleepy farming community, Hunting Valley has become synonymous with prestige and exclusivity over the years. But it hasn’t lost its bucolic charm. It spans eight miles of rolling hills and woodlands, and much of the village has been built around lovingly tended flower and vegetable gardens.

Clearly, this suburb has more than affluence going for it – situated along Chagrin River, it has a picturesque quality that few places in the Greater Cleveland Area can match. The population is just over 750, which means you’ll get much deserved peace and privacy.

Located 15 miles southeast of downtown Cleveland, it is bordered by Gates Mills, Moreland Hills, Woodmere, and Pepper Pike. It’s one of the safest places to live in the metro area, with amenities like walking paths and horse trails.

Hunting Valley Ohio Homes for Sale

Hunting Valley is one of the most well-heeled communities in Ohio and the rest of the US based on per capita income. As such, it boasts some of the finest properties in the area, with everything from massive estates to farm acreage.

The housing market consists mainly of single-family homes and a few condos. Vacant land is also available.

Most homes offer thousands of square footage of living space, usually with 3 to 5 bedrooms each. Marble stone floors, plush carpeting, modern lighting, and oversized closets are just some of the special features you’ll find in these homes.

Private amenities like media rooms, two-level offices, resort-style pools, and wooden decks are par for the course, bringing rest and relaxation to a whole new level.

Notable neighborhoods include:

  • Nottingham Lane
  • Whisperwood Lane
  • Cedar Road
  • Chagrin River Road

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Attractions and Activities in Hunting Valley

  • Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field
    Tucked away in the corner of South Woodland Road and Chagrin River Road, Polo Field hosts high-profile horse and dog shows throughout the year. It’s the home of the Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic, a hotly anticipated horse show that bills itself as “America’s First Grand Prix.”

    It’s also a great spot for brisk walking, jogging, and hiking along the Chagrin River floodplain. You’ll see more than a few joggers, hikers, and dog owners in Polo Field when there are no shows.

  • Polo Field Trailhead
    You’ll find the trailhead at the northernmost tip of the South Chagrin Reservation. Go on a leisurely stroll and admire the scenery. This spot also offers horse trail parking, as well as access to the Bridle Trail.
  • The Inn of Chagrin Falls
    Tucked away in scenic Chagrin Falls, this 15-room village inn has tastefully decorated suites, exquisite gardens, a meeting room, and a gathering room with a cozy fireplace.

    Stay the night and enjoy a complimentary breakfast the following morning. There’s high-speed internet for those who need to stay plugged in during their stay.

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