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Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights began as a self-supporting community run by the North Union Shakers, with several farms, mills, a school, and a meeting house. Today, the city embodies the utopian existence the sect envisioned – manicured lawns, distinctive homes, and a quiet, small-town atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

In 2016, Niche.com named Shaker Heights the best Cleveland suburb to live in based on the cost of living and short commute times, among other factors.

Located just eight miles east of downtown Cleveland, this idyllic suburb is picture perfect, with tree-lined trees and walking trails that border glistening lakes. It’s home to a diverse population of more than 27,000, promoting a culture of inclusivity and civic engagement.

It’s the kind of environment where you can grow and reach your true potential – NerdWallet cited it as the 17th most educated place in the United States, with most residents having pursued advanced studies.

Homes for Sale in Shaker Heights Ohio

The Greater Cleveland Area is a great place to look for starter homes, but it also has an impressive selection of luxury homes for those who are ready to trade up. Shaker Heights’ housing market, in particular, is made up of single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments.

Most single-family homes have 3 to 4 bedrooms, with granite counters, ceramic floors, and stone fireplaces.

Luxury homes boast as many as 6 bedrooms. Such residences have high-end finishes like plastic ceilings, intricate woodwork, granite counters, and wall sconces. Two-story libraries, swimming pools, and outdoor patios are some of the private home amenities you may find in the neighborhoods of:

  • Ashby Manor
  • Chagrin-Lee
  • Chalfant Road
  • Duffield Road
  • Mercer
  • North Shaker Square
  • Sussex Shaker Heights
  • Van Aken East
  • Winslow
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    Attractions and Activities in Shaker Heights, Ohio

    • Nature Center at Shaker Lakes
      Experience the beauty of the Shaker Parklands here at the Nature Center. It is a designated National Environmental Education Landmark and Important Bird Area, with conserved green spaces. Explore the trails that lead to the lower lake and enjoy the scenery.
    • Shaker Village Historical District
      Stretching from Fairmont and to Lomond Boulevard, the district is home to several sites and structures with historical significance. Developed by the Van Sweringen Company, it offers a unique glimpse into the community’s storied past.
    • Shaker Farm District
      The district was laid out in 1904, encompassing the northern portion of the North Union Shaker Colony and predating much of the development in modern day Shaker Heights. It is characterized by winding streets and exquisitely crafted homes meant for single-family occupancy.
    • Winslow Road
      Designated as a historic district in 2007, Winslow Road is one of the most distinctive streets in Shaker Heights. The majority of the homes here were built around 1929. It consists of 170 residences, three churches, and a community park.
    • Shaker Towne Center
      The local shopping mall offers an excellent selection of stores for your retail needs.
    • The Van Aken District
      This mixed-use development includes a curated set of storefronts and restaurants built around public transit.

    For more information on the city, visit the Shaker Heights website.