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Luxury Home Improvements that Impress Buyers

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Put simply, not all home improvements are created equally. All require an investment, but each will have different returns.

If you’re looking for upgrades that will make your home stand out, we suggest the following:

Hot tubs

What better way to end the day than by soaking in a hot tub? A hot tub relieves pain, promotes weight loss, and improves sleep quality, among other health benefits. It is also the next best thing if your home does not have a view of the lake, or if you’d rather not install a full-sized pool. If you already have a pool, you can also attach a hot tub to it to make dips more relaxing.

Smart home systems

This upgrade offers two crucial benefits to buyers. It makes sure that daily living becomes more efficient. Smart upgrades also often translate to savings in the long run. A smart home system, for example, allows you to control room lights and your HVAC system using just your phone. There are also smart home security systems that send you an alert every time a door or window in your home is opened, boosting your peace of mind.

Four-car garage

Space is always at a premium, and nothing will impress a buyer more than a spacious four-car garage. After all, luxury home buyers often have three or more cars. Having a big garage ensures that they won’t have to worry about where to park their vehicles. Install high-quality, automated garage doors to protect these four-wheeled assets. A car lift may also be an attractive add-on, as it further expands the available space in the garage.

Chef’s kitchen

Buyers are often more impressed by practical upgrades to oft-used parts of the house. That’s why a modern, well-equipped kitchen remains one of the best home upgrades you can undertake. Aim to install stylish but energy efficient stovetops and ovens. It’s also good to have slide-in appliances such as drawer ovens and fridges to keep the space clutter-free. A kitchen island also expands the prep space and can also double as a dining area.

Spa bathrooms

An upgraded bathroom is another practical upgrade that buyers will surely appreciate. Strive for more than just cosmetic improvements by making the bathroom a spa-like haven. For instance, you can install a ‘rain fall’ shower that’s often found in five-star hotels. Free-standing tubs have become quite popular over the years, as they add a touch of luxury to the space. High-tech features like a heated toilet is also a great addition.

These upgrades not only increase your home’s value, but they can also make daily living much more enjoyable. And if you decide to sell your home, you can confidently ask for top dollar.

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